Birchwood Road Relays

Three teams competed in the Birchwood Road Relays on Sunday 19th September:-
– Senior men (Stuart, Mike, Jim and Tom) achieved 8th overall, and were first Cheshire men
– the ladies (Jane, Katy Green and Kate Sutton) managed 16th, and 5th Cheshire team.
– the Vet 50 men (Gavin, Mick, Tony and Andy) came 32nd overall, and were first Vet 50 team.

See also the pictures of the event.

It was a bright sunny afternoon for the relays, with a slight wind which made its presence felt on the return leg of the course. Katy led off for the Ladies, followed by Jane and then Kate. The course is a nominal 6k (2 laps of 3k) around an industrial estate in Birchwood. Quite a good environment for running with no traffic, but an annoying dog-leg taking runners the three-quarters of the way round a mini-roundabout, for no apparent reason.

The men’s event followed, with Jim and Gavin leading off. There is no baton in this relay, instead the returning runner is marshalled into the right lane, while the next leg runner waits in the left lane. Strict marshalling ensured no early take-offs! Jim handed over to Mike and Stuart, with Tom bringing home the final leg. In the old f***s category Gavin handed over to Mick and then Tony, with Andy on the anchor leg. Tony helpfully pointed out that in this type of relay the last runner is not generally the strongest!

With running done, the teams repaired to the Atomic Energy Authority canteen for tea. So convivial was the occasion that we quite forgot to attend the award ceremony, and so the senior men’s team were presented with their medals from the hands of the organiser some time later. By an extraordinary oversight Birchwood omitted to provide medals for the first Vets 50 team. But nonetheless, an enjoyable occasion. Many thanks to Nick for turning out to support us even though he was not running.

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